Boat position determined by fundraising totals

  • Optional…teams with no fundraising will be positioned by behind teams with fundraising amounts in the order their entry is received
  • Teams with over $250 or more in fundraising will receive free entry to the tournament
  • Ask family, Facebook friends, neighbors, co-workers, others to donate to the Children’s Therapy Center
  • The online and mail-in fundraising period will end on Wednesday, September 18 at 8:00 p.m.
  • Top 3 teams in fundraising will maintain their position at the lock in Fulton if they choose to lock up


Ties are broken by the order that donations are received.

Final 2023 Standings – THANK YOU to all fundraisers and those who donated on their behalf!

1Doug Smith/Bob Krutsinger$4,000
2Barry Waldron/Conrad Waldron$2,000
3Shawn Luckritz/Shawn Overton$1,310
4Ben Ford/Hunter DeSplinter$1,190
5Eric Hansen/Bob Bowling$750
6Robert Maxwell/Collin Carroll$625
7Kyle Rollins/Gary Rollins$570
8Seth Eickert/Reece Eickert$560
9Josh King/Rick Wages$500
10Roger Koopman/JJ Pattton$425
11Denny Bauer/Mike Knutsen$400
12Jim Combs/Mike D'Agostin$370
13Mark Reed/Rick Reed$315
14Justin Ware/Karen Ware$260
15Josh Wood/Rick Stroh$255
16Logan Whitman/Alisha Stropes$250
17Steve Paytash/Chuck Fiser$200
18Derek Ryan/Amy Ryan$150
19Adam Crigger/Scott Crigger$125
20Cole Carmichael/Brian Carmichael$120
21Bryce Griswold/Bob Griswold$100
22Jason Vallejo/Cory Flynn$100
23Dustin Williams/Ryne Benassi$80
24Mike Hachmann/Chuck Hayes$75
25Robert Rowan/Ryan Hingtgen$50
Rich Sneath/Larry Hoertz$27
27Steve Ives/Tom Ives$25
28Dale Smith/Justin Smith$25
29Joe Murphy/Justin King$25
30Randy Beard/Josh Beard$25

Ties are broken by the order that donations are received.

Final 2022 Standings – THANK YOU to all fundraisers!

1Doug Smith / Bob Krutsinger$2,520
2Bill Gretten / Mike Valster$1,125
3Josh Wood / Rick Stroh$961
4Logan Whitman / Alisha Stropes$756
5Ben Ford / Hunter DeSplinter$745
6AJ DeSplinter / Bob Bowling$700
7Brian Holst / Frank Schillaci$525
8Roger Koopman / JJ Patton$465.75
9Cole Carmichael / Brian Carmichael$425
10Seth Eickert / Reece Eickert$400
11Rick Wages / Josh King$375
12Matt Moore / AJ Cavazos$310
13Dennis Bauer / Jim Cady$300
14Bob Kuehl / Devin Kuehl$252
15Shawn Luckritz / TJ Wright$130
16Cole Atkinson / Tanner Atkinson$125
17Justin Ware / Karen Ware$75
18Roy Johnson / Kevin Barker$75
19Richard Sneath / Larry Hoertz$65
20Tom Ives / Steve Ives$50
21Bryce Griswold / Bob Griswold$50
22Randy Beard / Josh Beard$25
23Tim Krantz / Keir Sexton$20

Final 2021 Standings – THANK YOU to all fundraisers!

1Doug Smith / Bob Krutsinger$1,650
2Ben Ford / Hunter DeSplinter$1,125
3Caleb Buser / Alex Steele$710
4Josh Wood / Rick Stroh$525
5Cole Carmichael / Brian Carmichael$480
6Roger Koopman / JJ Patton$440
7Seth Eickert / Reece Eickert$400
8Matthew Moore / Tyler Block$310
9David Randall / Shawn Eickert$250
10Logan Whitman / Alicia Stropes$250
11James Combs / Mike D'Agonstin$250
12Dennis Bauer / Jim Cady$175
13Cole Atkinson / Kevin Atkinson$100
14Brad Albers / Mike Alger$50
15Joe Herman / Joe Sweeney$35
16Richard Gentry / Frank Ungaro$30
17Randy Beard / Josh Beard$20
18John Bowzer / Taylor Cross$20

Final 2020 Totals – THANK YOU to all fundraisers!

1Doug Smith / Bob Krutsinger (Team Russell)$3,200
2Randy Price / Guy Price$2,600
3AJ Cavazos / Matt Moore$1,550
4Bill Gretten / Mike Valster$1,000
5Ben Ford / Hunter DeSplinter$630
6Alisha Stropes / Logan Whitman$400
7JJ Patton / Roger Koopman$365
8Josh Price / Kendall Price$250
9Derek Ryan / Justin Waterman$225
10Josh Wood -- Fishing's Not A Crime$150
11Dennis Bauer / Jim Cady$150
12Jason Benoit / Michael Benoit$100
13Cole Carmichael / Brian Carmichael$70
14Justin Ware / Karen Ware$40
15Tom Ives / Steve Ives$30
16Matt Blair / AJ Adams$20
17Rick Wages / Josh King$20
18Joe Herman / Joe Sweeney$20
19Randy Beard / Josh Beard$12