Boat position determined by fundraising totals

  • Optional…teams with no fundraising will be positioned by behind teams with fundraising amounts in the order their entry is received
  • Teams with over $250 or more in fundraising will receive free entry to the tournament
  • Ask family, Facebook friends, neighbors, co-workers, others to donate to the Children’s Therapy Center
  • The online and mail-in fundraising period will end on Thursday, September 15 at 8:00 p.m.
  • Top 3 teams in fundraising will maintain their position at the lock in Fulton if they choose to lock up

How to to raise funds:


NOTE: In the spirit of the program, monetary and in-kind sponsorship for which advertising and publicity is provided (e.g. sponsor listing) may not be counted as fundraising/boat position dollars.

Ties are broken by the order that donations are received.

Final 2022 Standings – THANK YOU to all fundraisers!

1Doug Smith / Bob Krutsinger$2,520
2Bill Gretten / Mike Valster$1,125
3Josh Wood / Rick Stroh$961
4Logan Whitman / Alisha Stropes$756
5Ben Ford / Hunter DeSplinter$745
6AJ DeSplinter / Bob Bowling$700
7Brian Holst / Frank Schillaci$525
8Roger Koopman / JJ Patton$465.75
9Cole Carmichael / Brian Carmichael$425
10Seth Eickert / Reece Eickert$400
11Rick Wages / Josh King$375
12Matt Moore / AJ Cavazos$310
13Dennis Bauer / Jim Cady$300
14Bob Kuehl / Devin Kuehl$252
15Shawn Luckritz / TJ Wright$130
16Cole Atkinson / Tanner Atkinson$125
17Justin Ware / Karen Ware$75
18Roy Johnson / Kevin Barker$75
19Richard Sneath / Larry Hoertz$65
20Tom Ives / Steve Ives$50
21Bryce Griswold / Bob Griswold$50
22Randy Beard / Josh Beard$25
23Tim Krantz / Keir Sexton$20

Final 2021 Standings – THANK YOU to all fundraisers!

1Doug Smith / Bob Krutsinger$1,650
2Ben Ford / Hunter DeSplinter$1,125
3Caleb Buser / Alex Steele$710
4Josh Wood / Rick Stroh$525
5Cole Carmichael / Brian Carmichael$480
6Roger Koopman / JJ Patton$440
7Seth Eickert / Reece Eickert$400
8Matthew Moore / Tyler Block$310
9David Randall / Shawn Eickert$250
10Logan Whitman / Alicia Stropes$250
11James Combs / Mike D'Agonstin$250
12Dennis Bauer / Jim Cady$175
13Cole Atkinson / Kevin Atkinson$100
14Brad Albers / Mike Alger$50
15Joe Herman / Joe Sweeney$35
16Richard Gentry / Frank Ungaro$30
17Randy Beard / Josh Beard$20
18John Bowzer / Taylor Cross$20

Final 2020 Totals – THANK YOU to all fundraisers!

1Doug Smith / Bob Krutsinger (Team Russell)$3,200
2Randy Price / Guy Price$2,600
3AJ Cavazos / Matt Moore$1,550
4Bill Gretten / Mike Valster$1,000
5Ben Ford / Hunter DeSplinter$630
6Alisha Stropes / Logan Whitman$400
7JJ Patton / Roger Koopman$365
8Josh Price / Kendall Price$250
9Derek Ryan / Justin Waterman$225
10Josh Wood -- Fishing's Not A Crime$150
11Dennis Bauer / Jim Cady$150
12Jason Benoit / Michael Benoit$100
13Cole Carmichael / Brian Carmichael$70
14Justin Ware / Karen Ware$40
15Tom Ives / Steve Ives$30
16Matt Blair / AJ Adams$20
17Rick Wages / Josh King$20
18Joe Herman / Joe Sweeney$20
19Randy Beard / Josh Beard$12